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Edit your project-wide composer.json file as follows; in the "require" block add:

"silverstripe/comments": "*"

Then in the root of your project run:

#> composer update silverstripe/comments


To begin the installation first download the module online. You can find the version you require for your SilverStripe installation on the website.

After you have finished downloading the file, extract the downloaded file to your site's root folder and ensure the name of the module is comments.


Run a database rebuild by visiting This will add the required database columns and tables for the module to function.

If you previously had SilverStripe version 2.4 installed then you'll also need to run the migration script provided. More information on this is provided in the next section.

Enabling Commenting

Out of the box the module adds commenting support to all pages on your site. This functionality can be turned on and off on a per page basis in the CMS under the Behaviour tab for a given page. Once the Allow Comments checkbox is ticked, republish and view the webpage.

Ensure that your template file (usually themes/yourtheme/templates/Layout/ has the $CommentsForm variable where you want comments to appear.

To enable commenting on other objects (such as your own subclasses of DataObject) add the following to your mysite/_config.php file.

// Adds commenting to the class SiteTree (all Pages)

You can also pass configuration options to the add function to customize commenting on that object. Again in your mysite/_config.php file replace the previous line with the following

// Adds commenting to the class SiteTree (all Pages) but require the user to login and comments
// are moderated
Commenting::add('Foo', array(
    'require_moderation' => true,
    'require_login' => true

For more configuration options see Configuration.


Migrating from version 2.* SilverStripe installations

This module replaces the built-in commenting system available in versions up to SilverStripe 2.4. To migrate from that you'll need to run dev/build after installing the module.

You can do this via sake (sake dev/build) or via a web browser by visiting

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