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Documentation Viewer Module

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These are pulled in via Composer.

  • SilverStripe 3.1
  • Parsedown and Parsedown Extra.


Reads markdown files from a given list of folders from your installation and provides a web interface for viewing the documentation. Ideal for providing documentation alongside your module or project code.

A variation of this module powers the main SilverStripe developer documentation and the user help websites.

For more documentation on how to use the module please read /docs/ (or via this in /dev/docs/docsviewer/Writing-Documentation in your webbrowser)


composer require "silverstripe/docsviewer" "dev-master"


After installing the files via composer, rebuild the SilverStripe database..

sake dev/build

Then start by viewing the documentation at

Out of the box the module will display the documentation files that have been bundled into any of your installed modules. To configure what is shown in the documentation viewer see the detailed documentation.

For more information about how to use the module see each of the documentation

* [Configuration](docs/en/
* [Markdown Syntax](docs/en/
* [Syntax Highlighting](docs/en/
* [Publishing Static Files](docs/en/



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