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Documentation Viewer Module

Build Status

Maintainer Contact


  • SilverStripe 3.1


Reads text files from a given list of folders from your installation and provides a web interface for viewing.

To read documentation go to

For more documentation on how to use the module please read /docs/ (or via this in /dev/docs/docsviewer/Writing-Documentation in your webbrowser)

Note This module assumes you are using numeric values for your versions.

HTML Publishing

If you wish to generate a truly static version of your documentation after it has been rendered through the website, add the Static Publisher module to your documentation project and set the following configuration in your applications config.yml:

    - DocumentationStaticPublisherExtension

If you don't plan on using static publisher for anything else and you have the cms module installed, make sure you disable the CMS from being published.

Again, in your applications config.yml file

  disable_sitetree_export: true
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