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docsviewer Module

This module has been developed to read and display content from markdown and plain text files in web browser. It provides an easy way to bundle end user documentation within a SilverStripe installation or module.

$> composer require


The module includes the ability to read documentation from any folder on your file system. By standard, documentation should go in a docs folder in the root of your module or project documentation.


If you follow the standard setup create a file in /<>/_docs/en/ file then include the following in your config file:


Now visit you should see your module.

Custom Folders

If you wish to register specific folders only, or folders in a non standard location then you can register paths directly:

try {	
		$name = "sapphire", 
		$path = "/src/sapphire_master/docs/", 
		$version = 'trunk'
} catch(InvalidArgumentException $e) {
	 // Silence if path is not found (for CI environment)

To configure the documentation system the configuration information is available on the Configurations page.

Writing documentation

See Writing Documentation for more information on how to write markdown files which are available here.

Enabling Search

The module provides automatic search functionality via Lucene Search.

To enable search you need to add the following to your applications _config.php file:


After adding that line you will also need to build the indexes of the search.

You can do this either via your web browser by accessing

Or rebuild it via sake. You will want to set this up as a cron job if your documentation search needs to be updated on the fly

sake dev/tasks/RebuildLuceneDocsIndex flush=1

Advanced Search

Advanced Search is enabled by default on the searchresults page, allowing you to extend your search over multiple modules and/or versions. Advanced search can be disabled from your _config.php like this:


Using a URL other than /dev/docs/

By default, the documentation is available in dev/docs. If you want it to live on the webroot instead of a subfolder or on another url address, add the following configuration to your _config.php file:

Config::inst()->update('DocumentationViewer', 'link_base', '');

Director::addRules(1, array(
	'$Action' => 'DocumentationViewer',
	'' => 'DocumentationViewer'