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To help with the transition between early versions of the forum module and the latest version we have included migration scripts in forum/code/migration.

It is recommended that you backup your database before upgrading the module and running these scripts.

To run these migration tasks you can do it either via the web browser

Or via the CLI / Sake interface

sake /dev/tasks/ForumMigrationTask

Upgrading from 0.* to 0.5

In 0.5 (trunk) we have totally refactored alot of methods which are used extensively in the templates. So if you have your own custom forum theme it is highly likely that these will not work with the 0.5 release. An overview of whats changed

  • Methods have been removed from individual PageTypes and left on ForumHolder. Therefore for things like need to now loop over ForumHolder

    // old <% if ShowInCategories %> <% control Forums %>

    // new method <% control ForumHolder %> <% if ShowInCategories %> <% control Forums %>

  • ReplyForm has been renamed from ReplyForm to PostMessageForm() which is used over all 3 forms now. So you'll have to update your themes to use $PostMessageForm.

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