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The forum module contains many features which aren't turned on by default or are configurable in the CMS. For a full list of configuration options see /forum/docs/

  • Allows multiple forum holders which can have multiple forums, each with separate security permissions that can be adjusted inside the CMS
  • Forums can be grouped in categories
  • RSS feeds for each forum, overall and search results
  • Member profiles showing recent posts
  • Write Posts in BBCode and attach multiple files to a post
  • Email Topic subscription (subscribe to a topic and get an email when someone posts something new)
  • Sticky Posts (both localized to a forum or an entire forum holder)
  • Forum Moderators. Give specific people access to editing / deleting posts. Customizable on a forum by forum level
  • Support for smilies in posts.
  • Gravatar support.
  • Supports custom signatures.
  • View Counter for posts.
  • Forbidden Word Check
  • Reports.
    • Includes recent members, highest ranking members, popular posts, threads and forums
    • CMS Reports include: total people joined this month, total posts this month