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Abstract Forum Registration and Profiles Code #17

wilr opened this Issue Apr 23, 2012 · 4 comments

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wilr commented Apr 23, 2012

Have been having the same thoughts... would be great to start modularising forum module a bit more. Allowing bolt on profiles/registration, tagging posts, mark as solved, Q&A. Should forum registration be further abstracted to site registration? Usually a forum is a feature of a site rather than something I need or want to sign up separately for.

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wilr commented Apr 7, 2014

Yep exactly @camfindlay. Registrations is one area that needs work and that work is better handled by member profiles. Registering an account is a distinct action. Keen to do a mark as solved for the SilverStripe forum (something along the lines up 'up voting' a post aka to stack overflow. But like you said, modularing is the way we're going generally


Have recently installed both MemberProfiles and Forum module. The two work surprisingly well but could use tighter integration. Suggest this also solves #19 and #9 to some degree. Better to focus the profile related efforts towards the MemberProfiles module and keep the Forum module focused on improved asynchronous communication related features :)

This was referenced May 10, 2014

I would love to see this happen too.

The problem with memberprofiles module is that it relies quite heavily on the CMS (so cannot be used on Framework only installs).

Wouldn't it make more sense that registration/profile management would be a common requirement of a lot of modern applications being developed, and a lot of those won't use the CMS?

I have written a similar module that is a framework only version, but it is not perfect (I still get issues with loading requirements if they are added into Page_Controller)

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