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* Framework configuration file
* Here you can make different settings for the Framework module (the core
* module).
* For example you can register the authentication methods you wish to use
* on your site, e.g. to register the OpenID authentication method type
* <code>
* Authenticator::register_authenticator('OpenIDAuthenticator');
* </code>
* @package framework
* @subpackage core
// Default director
Director::addRules(10, array(
'Security//$Action/$ID/$OtherID' => 'Security',
//'Security/$Action/$ID' => 'Security',
'$Controller//$Action/$ID/$OtherID' => '*',
'api/v1/live' => 'VersionedRestfulServer',
'api/v1' => 'RestfulServer',
'soap/v1' => 'SOAPModelAccess',
'dev' => 'DevelopmentAdmin',
'interactive' => 'SapphireREPL',
// Add default routing unless 'cms' module is present (which overrules this with a CMSMain controller)
Director::addRules(20, array(
'admin//$action/$ID/$OtherID' => '->admin/security'
* PHP 5.2 introduced a conflict with the Datetime field type, which was renamed to SSDatetime. This was later renamed
* to SS_Datetime to be consistent with other namespaced classes.
* Overload both of these to support legacy code.
Object::useCustomClass('SSDatetime', 'SS_Datetime', true);
Object::useCustomClass('Datetime', 'SS_Datetime', true);
* The root directory of TinyMCE
define('MCE_ROOT', FRAMEWORK_DIR . '/thirdparty/tinymce/');
ShortcodeParser::get('default')->register('file_link', array('File', 'link_shortcode_handler'));
* The secret key that needs to be sent along with pings to /Email_BounceHandler
* Change this to something different for increase security (you can
* override it in mysite/_config.php to ease upgrades).
* For more information see:
* {@link}
define('EMAIL_BOUNCEHANDLER_KEY', '1aaaf8fb60ea253dbf6efa71baaacbb3');
// Zend_Cache temp directory setting
$_ENV['TMPDIR'] = TEMP_FOLDER; // for *nix
$_ENV['TMP'] = TEMP_FOLDER; // for Windows
$aggregatecachedir = TEMP_FOLDER . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'aggregate_cache';
if (!is_dir($aggregatecachedir)) mkdir($aggregatecachedir);
SS_Cache::add_backend('aggregatestore', 'File', array('cache_dir' => $aggregatecachedir));
SS_Cache::pick_backend('aggregatestore', 'aggregate', 1000);
// If you don't want to see deprecation errors for the new APIs, change this to 3.0.0-dev.
// TODO Remove once new ManifestBuilder with submodule support is in place
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