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<div class="ss-uploadfield-item ss-uploadfield-addfile field ss-uploadfield">
<span class="step-label">
<span class="flyout">1</span><span class="arrow"></span>
<span class="title"><% _t('AssetUploadField.ChooseFiles', 'Choose files') %></span>
<div class="ss-uploadfield-item-info">
<label class="ss-uploadfield-fromcomputer ss-ui-button ss-ui-action-constructive" title="<% _t('AssetUploadField.FROMCOMPUTERINFO', 'Upload from your computer') %>" data-icon="drive-upload">
<% _t('AssetUploadField.TOUPLOAD', 'Choose files to upload...') %>
<input id="$id" name="$getName" class="$extraClass ss-uploadfield-fromcomputer-fileinput" data-config="$configString" type="file"<% if $multiple %> multiple="multiple"<% end_if %> title="<% _t('AssetUploadField.FROMCOMPUTER', 'Choose files from your computer') %>" />
<div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
<div class="ss-uploadfield-item-uploador">
<% _t('AssetUploadField.UPLOADOR', 'OR') %>
<div class="ss-uploadfield-item-preview ss-uploadfield-dropzone">
<span><% _t('AssetUploadField.DRAGFILESHERE', 'Drag files here') %></span>
<div class="clear"><!-- --></div>
<div class="ss-uploadfield-editandorganize">
<ul class="ss-uploadfield-files files"></ul>
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