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* @package framework
* @subpackage tasks
class i18nTextCollectorTask extends BuildTask {
protected $title = "i18n Textcollector Task";
protected $description = "
Traverses through files in order to collect the 'entity master tables'
stored in each module.
public function init() {
$canAccess = (Director::isDev() || Director::is_cli() || Permission::check("ADMIN"));
if(!$canAccess) return Security::permissionFailure($this);
* This is the main method to build the master string tables with the original strings.
* It will search for existent modules that use the i18n feature, parse the _t() calls
* and write the resultant files in the lang folder of each module.
* @uses DataObject->collectI18nStatics()
public function run($request) {
$c = new i18nTextCollector($request->getVar('locale'));
$writer = $request->getVar('writer');
if($writer) $c->setWriter(new $writer());
$restrictModules = ($request->getVar('module')) ? explode(',', $request->getVar('module')) : null;
return $c->run($restrictModules);
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