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3.1.0 (unreleased)



  • TableListField, ComplexTableField, TableField, HasOneComplexTableField, HasManyComplexTableField and ManyManyComplexTableField have been removed from the core and placed into a module called "legacytablefields" located at
  • prototype.js and behaviour.js have been removed from the core, they are no longer used. If you have custom code relying on these two libraries, please update your code to include the files yourself
  • Object::has_extension() and Object::add_extension() deprecated in favour of using late static binding, please use {class}::has_extension() and {class}::add_extension() instead, where {class} is the class name of your DataObject class.
  • Removed SiteTree.MetaTitle and SiteTree.MetaKeywords since they are irrelevant in terms of SEO (1, 2) and general page informancy
  • Deprecated Profiler class, use third-party solutions like xhprof
  • Removed defunct or unnecessary debug GET parameters: debug_profile, debug_memory, profile_trace, debug_javascript, debug_behaviour
  • Removed Member_ProfileForm, use CMSProfileController instead
  • SiteTree::$nested_urls enabled by default. To disable, call SiteTree::disable_nested_urls().
  • Removed CMS permission checks from File->canEdit() and File->canDelete(). If you have unsecured controllers relying on these permissions, please override them through a DataExtension.
  • Deprecated global email methods htmlEmail() and plaintextEmail, as well as various email helper methods like encodeMultipart(). Use the Email API, or the Mailer class where applicable.
  • Removed non-functional $inlineImages option for sending emails * Removed support for keyed arrays in SelectionGroup, use new SelectionGroup_Item object to populate the list instead (see API docs).
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