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<div class="cms-menu cms-panel cms-panel-layout west" id="cms-menu" data-layout-type="border">
<div class="cms-logo-header north">
<div class="cms-logo">
<a href="" target="_blank" title="SilverStripe (Version - $CMSVersion)">
SilverStripe <% if CMSVersion %><abbr class="version">$CMSVersion</abbr><% end_if %>
<span><% if SiteConfig %>$SiteConfig.Title<% else %>$ApplicationName<% end_if %></span>
<div class="cms-login-status">
<a href="Security/logout" class="logout-link" title="<% _t('LOGOUT','Log out') %>"><% _t('LOGOUT','Log out') %></a>
<% with CurrentMember %>
<% _t('Hello','Hi') %>
<a href="{$AbsoluteBaseURL}admin/myprofile" class="profile-link ss-ui-dialog-link" data-popupclass="edit-profile-popup">
<% if FirstName && Surname %>$FirstName $Surname<% else_if FirstName %>$FirstName<% else %>$Email<% end_if %>
<% end_with %>
<div class="cms-panel-content center">
<ul class="cms-menu-list">
<% loop MainMenu %>
<li class="$LinkingMode $FirstLast <% if LinkingMode == 'link' %><% else %>opened<% end_if %>" id="Menu-$Code">
<a href="$Link" <% if Code == 'Help' %>target="_blank"<% end_if%>>
<span class="icon icon-16 icon-{$Code.LowerCase}">&nbsp;</span>
<span class="text">$Title</span>
<% if Code == 'AssetAdmin' %>
<li class="first <% if Top.class == 'AssetAdmin' %>current<% end_if %>" id="Menu-AssetAdmin">
<a href="admin/assets/">
<span class="text">Edit &amp; organize</span>
<li class="last <% if Top.class == 'CMSFileAddController' %>current<% end_if %>" id="Menu-CMSFileAddController">
<a href="admin/assets/add">
<span class="text">Add files</span>
<% end_if %>
<% end_loop %>
<div class="cms-panel-toggle south">
<a class="toggle-expand" href="#"><span>&raquo;</span></a>
<a class="toggle-collapse" href="#"><span>&laquo;</span></a>
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