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* Returns information about the current site instance.
* @package framework
* @subpackage control
class SapphireInfo extends Controller {
static $allowed_actions = array(
function init() {
if(!Director::is_cli() && !Permission::check('ADMIN')) return Security::permissionFailure();
function Version() {
$sapphireVersion = file_get_contents(FRAMEWORK_PATH . '/silverstripe_version');
if(!$sapphireVersion) $sapphireVersion = _t('LeftAndMain.VersionUnknown', 'unknown');
return $sapphireVersion;
function EnvironmentType() {
if(Director::isLive()) return "live";
else if(Director::isTest()) return "test";
else return "dev";
function BaseURL() {
return Director::absoluteBaseURL();
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