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* Abstract base class for a login form
* This class is used as a base class for the different log-in forms like
* {@link MemberLoginForm} or {@link OpenIDLoginForm}.
* @author Markus Lanthaler <>
* @package framework
* @subpackage security
abstract class LoginForm extends Form {
function __construct($controller, $name, $fields, $actions) {
parent::__construct($controller, $name, $fields, $actions);
* Authenticator class to use with this login form
* Set this variable to the authenticator class to use with this login
* form.
* @var string
protected $authenticator_class;
* Get the authenticator class
* @return Authenticator Returns the authenticator class for this login form.
public function getAuthenticator() {
if(!class_exists($this->authenticator_class) || !is_subclass_of($this->authenticator_class, 'Authenticator')) {
user_error("The form uses an invalid authenticator class! '{$this->authenticator_class}' is not a subclass of 'Authenticator'", E_USER_ERROR);
return new $this->authenticator_class;
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