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SiteConfig: Global database content


The [api:SiteConfig] panel provides a generic interface for managing site wide settings or functionality which is used throughout the site. Out of the box it provides 2 fields 'Site Name' and 'Site Tagline'.

Accessing [api:SiteConfig] Options

You can access [api:SiteConfig] options from any SS template by using the function $SiteConfig.FieldName


// or 

<% loop SiteConfig %>
$Title $AnotherField
<% end_loop %>

Or if you want to access variables in the PHP you can do

$config = SiteConfig::current_site_config(); 


Extending [api:SiteConfig]

To extend the options available in the panel you can define your own fields via an Extension.

Create a mysite/code/CustomSiteConfig.php file.


class CustomSiteConfig extends DataExtension {

    static $db = array(
        'FooterContent' => 'HTMLText'

    public function updateCMSFields(FieldList $fields) {
        $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Main", new HTMLEditorField("FooterContent", "Footer Content"));

Then add a link to your extension in the _config.php file like below.


This tells SilverStripe to add the CustomSiteConfig extension to the [api:SiteConfig] class.

After adding those two pieces of code, rebuild your database by visiting and then reload the admin interface. You may need to reload it with a ?flush=1 on the end.

You can define as many extensions for [api:SiteConfig] as you need. For example if you are developing a module you can define your own global settings for the dashboard.

API Documentation


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