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* This is a form decorator that lets you place a form inside another form.
* The actions will be appropriately rewritten so that the nested form gets called, rather than the parent form.
* @package framework
* @subpackage forms
class NestedForm extends ViewableData {
protected $form;
* Represent the given form in a tabular style
* @param form The form to decorate.
public function __construct(Form $form) {
$this->form = $form;
$this->failover = $form;
public function Actions() {
$actions = $this->form->Actions();
foreach($actions as $action) {
$action->setFullAction('action_' . $action->actionName()
.'?formController=' . str_replace(array('?','.'), array('&','%2e'), $this->form->FormAction()) );
return $actions;
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