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Fulltext search for page content (and other attributes like "Title" or "MetaTags") can be easily added to SilverStripe.
See [Tutorial: Site Search](/tutorials/4-site-search) for details.
-## Searching for DataObject's
+## Searching for DataObjects
The `[api:SearchContext]` class provides a good base implementation that you can hook into your own controllers.
A working implementation of searchable DataObjects can be seen in the `[api:ModelAdmin]` class.
[SearchContext](/reference/searchcontext) goes into more detail about setting up a default search form for `[api:DataObject]`s.
+### Fulltext search on DataObjects
+The `[api:MySQLDatabase]` class now defaults to creating tables using the InnoDB storage engine. As Fulltext search in MySQL
+requires the MyISAM storage engine, any DataObject you wish to use with Fulltext search must be changed to use MyISAM storage
+You can do so by adding this static variable to your class definition:
+ :::php
+ static $create_table_options = array(
+ 'MySQLDatabase' => 'ENGINE=MyISAM'
+ );
## Searching for Documents
SilverStripe does not have a built-in method to search through file content (e.g. in PDF or DOC format).

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