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Removed DatetimeField->setDescription() proxying

We shouldn't pass it to the child fields since it ends
up showing the description three times in the default
"inline" mode. If the description is required as a hover/focus effect,
it can be set individually on the fields.
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commit 048f6b19fef9879efb2ba49bd7b201b99c9667dd 1 parent 121fb66
@chillu chillu authored
Showing with 0 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +0 −9 forms/DatetimeField.php
9 forms/DatetimeField.php
@@ -239,15 +239,6 @@ public function setLocale($locale) {
public function getLocale() {
return $this->dateField->getLocale();
- public function setDescription($description) {
- parent::setDescription($description);
- $this->dateField->setDescription($description);
- $this->timeField->setDescription($description);
- return $this;
- }
* Note: Use {@link getDateField()} and {@link getTimeField()}
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