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MINOR Removed removeDuplicates() call on linked pages DataObjectSet i…

…n MigrateSiteTreeLinkingTask which is no longer required, as the duplicate results were fixed in DataObject directly (from r110200)

git-svn-id: svn:// 467b73ca-7a2a-4603-9d3b-597d59a354a9
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commit 065155eb5dd59663179a45261b97b89a0817c009 1 parent 2f159ce
@sminnee sminnee authored
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  1. +0 −4 tasks/MigrateSiteTreeLinkingTask.php
4 tasks/MigrateSiteTreeLinkingTask.php
@@ -22,10 +22,6 @@ public function run($request) {
'INNER JOIN "SiteTree_LinkTracking" ON "SiteTree_LinkTracking"."SiteTreeID" = "SiteTree"."ID"'
- // Databases like MSSQL will give duplicate results - remove them
- // This would normally be fixed by using SELECT DISTINCT, but DataObject::get() doesn't support it
- if($linkedPages) $linkedPages->removeDuplicates();
if($linkedPages) foreach($linkedPages as $page) {
$tracking = DB::query(sprintf('SELECT "ChildID", "FieldName" FROM "SiteTree_LinkTracking" WHERE "SiteTreeID" = %d', $page->ID))->map();

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