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Ingo Schommer authored August 05, 2012
1  docs/en/misc/
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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ changes
46 46
 * Also check and update documentation on []( Check for any references to functionality deprecated or extended through your patch. Documentation changes should be included in the patch.
47 47
 * We will attribute the change to you whereever possible (git does this automatically for pull requests)
48 48
 * If you get stuck, please post to the [forum]( or for deeper core problems, to the [core mailinglist](!forum/silverstripe-dev)
+* When working with the CMS, please read the ["CMS Architecture Guide"](/reference/cms-architecture) first
49 50
50 51
 The core team is responsible for reviewing patches and deciding if they will make it into core.  If
51 52
 there are any problems they will follow up with you, so please ensure they have a way to contact you! 
BIN  docs/en/tutorials/_resources/
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