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anselmdk committed Sep 23, 2012
1 parent 0b17e00 commit 0df9b1c8a0b6e8d4d1fa591a1499d69775f95b53
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@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ For output of an image tag with the image automatically resized to 80px width, y
$Image.SetHeight(80) // returns a image 80px tall, ration kept the same
$Image.SetSize(80,80) // returns a 80x80px padded image
$Image.SetRatioSize(80,80) // Returns an image scaled proportional, with its greatest diameter scaled to 80px
$Image.CroppedImage(80,80) // Returns an 80x80 image cropped from the center.
$Image.PaddedImage(80, 80) // Returns an 80x80 image. Unused space is padded white. No crop. No stretching
$Image.Width // returns width of image
$Image.Height // returns height of image

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