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API CHANGE: Don't have any instance caching in singleton(), rely on I…

…njector for this.
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1 parent f65a7c6 commit 114ebb695342e0ebdd2acd8c9240e3f79cea6027 @sminnee sminnee committed Jun 11, 2012
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  1. +2 −7 core/Core.php
  2. +2 −3 core/Object.php
  3. +1 −4 dev/SapphireTest.php
  4. +5 −2 model/DataQuery.php
  5. +1 −3 tests/core/ObjectTest.php
9 core/Core.php
@@ -365,15 +365,10 @@ function getClassFile($className) {
* @return Object
function singleton($className) {
- global $_SINGLETONS;
+ if($className == "Config") user_error("Don't pass Config to singleton()", E_USER_ERROR);
if(!isset($className)) user_error("singleton() Called without a class", E_USER_ERROR);
if(!is_string($className)) user_error("singleton() passed bad class_name: " . var_export($className,true), E_USER_ERROR);
- if(!isset($_SINGLETONS[$className])) {
- if(!class_exists($className)) user_error("Bad class to singleton() - $className", E_USER_ERROR);
- $_SINGLETONS[$className] = Injector::inst()->get($className);
- if(!$_SINGLETONS[$className]) user_error("singleton() Unknown class '$className'", E_USER_ERROR);
- }
- return $_SINGLETONS[$className];
+ return Injector::inst()->get($className);
function project() {
5 core/Object.php
@@ -466,6 +466,7 @@ public static function add_extension($class, $extension) {
Config::inst()->update($class, 'extensions', array($extension));
+ Injector::inst()->unregisterAllObjects();
// load statics now for DataObject classes
if(is_subclass_of($class, 'DataObject')) {
@@ -496,8 +497,7 @@ public static function remove_extension($class, $extension) {
Config::inst()->remove($class, 'extensions', Config::anything(), $extension);
// unset singletons to avoid side-effects
- global $_SINGLETONS;
- $_SINGLETONS = array();
+ Injector::inst()->unregisterAllObjects();
nyeholt added a line comment Jun 12, 2012

What are the 'side-effects' that need a clearing out of all the objects here (and in add_extension)?

I'm concerned this could have some potentially nasty side-effects itself; the case I'm thinking of is

  • ObjectA is bound to singletonA
  • ObjectB is bound to singletonA
  • add_extension clears the injector of singletonA
  • ObjectC is bound to singletonA
  • Now ObjectA->singletonA !== ObjectC->singletonA

As far as I can tell off the top of my head this doesn't cause any problems at the moment, but it's something that could cause some headscratching for someone down the line. Clearing all objects feels like a work around for something occurring instead of solving the root cause

ajshort added a line comment Jul 24, 2012

I've run into some pretty big problems with this - if you register a named service, it's cleared every time an extension is added. What were the reasons for adding this?

SilverStripe Ltd. member
sminnee added a line comment Jul 24, 2012

The problem was that the cached object didn't have the relevant extension. We probably need a way of regenerating the created object without removing registered objects. Alternatively, the add_extension call could update the cached instance in the injector, but that might get weird.

Another way of side-stepping the problem would be to get pickier about when add_extension could be called, and ensure that extensions were applied before other activities such as injector registrations.

We're still going to have a catch-22 if you register an specific object instance and then add an extension to that object's class. Forcing extensions to be applied prior to everything else would side-step that.

nyeholt added a line comment Jul 25, 2012

Alternatively, the add_extension call could update the cached instance in the injector, but that might get weird.

Without digging deeper into the murk of how extensions are managed right now, I'd see that as the more appropriate way of approaching things in the interim.

With extensions in general, is it common to have add_extension being called during application execution as opposed to during the bootstrapping process via _config (or triggered from a method call in _config)?

SilverStripe Ltd. member
hafriedlander added a line comment Jul 25, 2012
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// unset some caches
$subclasses = ClassInfo::subclassesFor($class);
@@ -541,7 +541,6 @@ public function __construct() {
if($extensionClasses = ClassInfo::ancestry($this->class)) foreach($extensionClasses as $class) {
if(in_array($class, $notExtendable)) continue;
if($extensions = Config::inst()->get($class, 'extensions', Config::UNINHERITED)) {
foreach($extensions as $extension) {
// Get the extension class for this extension
5 dev/SapphireTest.php
@@ -299,8 +299,7 @@ function setUpOnce() {
// clear singletons, they're caching old extension info
// which is used in DatabaseAdmin->doBuild()
- global $_SINGLETONS;
- $_SINGLETONS = array();
+ Injector::inst()->unregisterAllObjects();
// Set default timezone consistently to avoid NZ-specific dependencies
@@ -789,9 +788,7 @@ static function delete_all_temp_dbs() {
function resetDBSchema($includeExtraDataObjects = false) {
if(self::using_temp_db()) {
// clear singletons, they're caching old extension info which is used in DatabaseAdmin->doBuild()
- global $_SINGLETONS;
- $_SINGLETONS = array();
$dataClasses = ClassInfo::subclassesFor('DataObject');
7 model/DataQuery.php
@@ -123,7 +123,8 @@ function initialiseQuery() {
- singleton($this->dataClass)->extend('augmentDataQueryCreation', $this->query, $this);
+ $obj = Injector::inst()->get($baseClass);
+ $obj->extend('augmentDataQueryCreation', $this->query, $this);
function setQueriedColumns($queriedColumns) {
@@ -225,7 +226,9 @@ function getFinalisedQuery($queriedColumns = null) {
$query->selectField("CASE WHEN \"$baseClass\".\"ClassName\" IS NOT NULL THEN \"$baseClass\".\"ClassName\" ELSE '$baseClass' END", "RecordClassName");
// TODO: Versioned, Translatable, SiteTreeSubsites, etc, could probably be better implemented as subclasses of DataQuery
- singleton($this->dataClass)->extend('augmentSQL', $query, $this);
+ $obj = Injector::inst()->get(ClassInfo::baseDataClass($this->dataClass));
+ $obj->extend('augmentSQL', $query, $this);
4 tests/core/ObjectTest.php
@@ -11,9 +11,7 @@ class ObjectTest extends SapphireTest {
function setUp() {
- global $_SINGLETONS;
- $_SINGLETONS = array();
+ Injector::inst()->unregisterAllObjects();
function testHasmethodBehaviour() {

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