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@@ -155,9 +155,7 @@ Readonly on a FormField
$myReadonlyField = $myField->performReadonlyTransformation();
-## Using a custom template
-*Required Silverstripe 2.3 for some displayed functionality*
+## Custom form templates
You can use a custom form template to render with, instead of **
@@ -239,6 +237,27 @@ To find more methods, have a look at the `[api:Form]` class, as there is a lot o
templates, for example, you could use `<% control Fields %>` instead of specifying each field manually, as we've done
+### Custom form field templates
+The easiest way to customize form fields is adding CSS classes and additional attributes.
+ :::php
+ $field = new TextField('MyText');
+ $field->addExtraClass('largeText');
+ $field->setAttribute('data-validation-regex', '[\d]*');
+ // Field() renders as:
+ // <input type="text" class="largeText" id="Form_Form_TextField" name="TextField" data-validation-regex="[\d]*">
+Each form field is rendered into a form via the `[FieldHolder()](api:FormField->FieldHolder())` method,
+which includes a container `<div>` as well as a `<label>` element (if applicable).
+You can also render each field without these structural elements through the `[Field()](api:FormField->Field())` method.
+In order to influence the form rendering, overloading these two methods is a good start.
+In addition, most form fields are rendered through SilverStripe templates, e.g. `TextareaField` is rendered via `sapphire/templates/forms/`.
+These templates can be overwritten globally by placing a template with the same name in your `mysite` directory,
+or set on a form field instance via `[setTemplate()](api:FormField->setTemplate())` and `[setFieldHolderTemplate()](api:FormField->setFieldHolderTemplate())`.
### Securing forms against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
SilverStripe tries to protect users against *Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)* by adding a hidden *SecurityID*

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