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MINOR Ensure finfo class exists in installer checks, we need it for MIME

type detection of files.
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commit 20a51d6572213b15cb08da9ab68b674af7c8d46f 1 parent 0fe0d87
@halkyon halkyon authored
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  1. +3 −0  dev/install/install.php5
3  dev/install/install.php5
@@ -409,6 +409,9 @@ class InstallRequirements {
$this->requireServerVariables(array('SCRIPT_NAME','HTTP_HOST','SCRIPT_FILENAME'), array("Webserver config", "Recognised webserver", "You seem to be using an unsupported webserver. The server variables SCRIPT_NAME, HTTP_HOST, SCRIPT_FILENAME need to be set."));
+ // check for fileinfo extension, this gets used for MIME type detection
+ $this->requireClass('finfo', array('PHP Configuration', 'fileinfo support', 'fileinfo support not included in PHP.'));
// Check for GD support
if(!$this->requireFunction("imagecreatetruecolor", array("PHP Configuration", "GD2 support", "PHP must have GD version 2."))) {
$this->requireFunction("imagecreate", array("PHP Configuration", "GD2 support", "GD support for PHP not included."));

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