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BUG Adjust the handler to jQuery UI 1.9 API change.

Settings.url no longer contains the URL, as a result navigating around
tabs in IE (browsers that do not support History API) becomes broken.

For example when the admin is opened on "Pages" section it is impossible to
navigate to specific page, or if the admin is opened on a tab, it's not
possible to navigate to another tab.
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commit 2657a275735d920bd7bbd7e4ebe523cf2f4cc8fa 1 parent 8f89aa9
@mateusz mateusz authored chillu committed
Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 admin/javascript/LeftAndMain.js
8 admin/javascript/LeftAndMain.js
@@ -922,14 +922,14 @@ jQuery.noConflict();
if(!'uiTabs')) this.tabs({
active: (activeTab.index() != -1) ? activeTab.index() : 0,
- beforeLoad: function(e, settings) {
+ beforeLoad: function(e, ui) {
// Overwrite ajax loading to use CMS logic instead
var makeAbs = $.path.makeUrlAbsolute,
baseUrl = $('base').attr('href'),
- isSame = (makeAbs(settings.url, baseUrl) == makeAbs(document.location.href));
+ isSame = (makeAbs(ui.ajaxSettings.url, baseUrl) == makeAbs(document.location.href));
- if(!isSame) $('.cms-container').loadPanel(settings.url);
- $(this).tabs('select',;
+ if(!isSame) $('.cms-container').loadPanel(ui.ajaxSettings.url);
+ $(this).tabs('select',;
return false;

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