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flamerohr committed Nov 29, 2017
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@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ Check our [build tooling](/contributing/build_tooling) docs for more details.

(cd framework && yarn run build && yarn run css)
cd vendor/silverstripe/admin && yarn build

## Coding Conventions
@@ -50,6 +50,21 @@ Please follow our [CSS](/contributing/css_coding_conventions)
and [JavaScript](/contributing/javascript_coding_conventions)
coding conventions.

## Pattern library

A pattern library is a collection of user interface design elements, this helps developers and designers collaborate and to provide a quick preview of elements as they were intended without the need to build an entire interface to see it.
Components built in React and used by the CMS are actively being added to the pattern library.

To access the pattern library, starting from your project root:

cd vendor/silverstripe/admin && yarn pattern-lib

Then browse to `http://localhost:6006/`

## The Admin URL

The CMS interface can be accessed by default through the `admin/` URL. You can change this by setting your own [Director routing rule](director#routing-rules) to the `[AdminRootController](api:SilverStripe\Admin\AdminRootController)` and clear the old rule like in the example below.

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