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Clarified DataList->limit() docs

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@@ -250,8 +250,9 @@ parameter to specify the offset, which allows you to tell the system where to st
offset, if not provided as an argument, will default to 0.
- // Return 5 members starting from the 5th result
- $members = Member::get()->sort('Surname')->limit(5, 4);
+ // Return 10 members with an offset of 4 (starting from the 5th result).
+ // Note that the argument order is different from a MySQL LIMIT clause
+ $members = Member::get()->sort('Surname')->limit(10, 4);
### Raw SQL options for advanced users

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that is a very eloquent solution Ingo. THANK YOU. Even though we should be Database Independent, I think that it is a fair expectation that most of our developers work on MySQL. What is more, there might be other Databases that use the same limit clause (e.g. Microsoft DBs?)


MSSQL uses a completely different way of doing limits, unfortunately. It's quite complicated, and involves a sub-select.

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