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MINOR More transliteration matches for Lithuanian (fixes #6724, thank…

…s zyzzza)
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1 parent e66255c commit 340a779cfd05817852c8a7133ed5070e52c7fc93 @chillu chillu committed Oct 10, 2011
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  1. +11 −10 model/Transliterator.php
@@ -36,20 +36,21 @@ function toASCII($source) {
* Transliteration using strtr() and a lookup table
protected function useStrTr($source) {
- $table = array(
- 'Š'=>'S', 'š'=>'s', 'Đ'=>'Dj', 'đ'=>'dj', 'Ž'=>'Z', 'ž'=>'z', 'Č'=>'C', 'č'=>'c', 'Ć'=>'C', 'ć'=>'c',
- 'À'=>'A', 'Á'=>'A', 'Â'=>'A', 'Ã'=>'A', 'Ä'=>'Ae', 'Å'=>'A', 'Æ'=>'A', 'Ç'=>'C', 'È'=>'E', 'É'=>'E',
- 'Ê'=>'E', 'Ë'=>'E', 'Ì'=>'I', 'Í'=>'I', 'Î'=>'I', 'Ï'=>'I', 'Ñ'=>'N', 'Ò'=>'O', 'Ó'=>'O', 'Ô'=>'O',
- 'Õ'=>'O', 'Ö'=>'Oe', 'Ø'=>'O', 'Ù'=>'U', 'Ú'=>'U', 'Û'=>'U', 'Ü'=>'Ue', 'Ý'=>'Y', 'Þ'=>'B', 'ß'=>'ss',
- 'à'=>'a', 'á'=>'a', 'â'=>'a', 'ã'=>'a', 'ä'=>'ae', 'å'=>'a', 'æ'=>'ae', 'ç'=>'c', 'è'=>'e', 'é'=>'e',
- 'ê'=>'e', 'ë'=>'e', 'ì'=>'i', 'í'=>'i', 'î'=>'i', 'ï'=>'i', 'ð'=>'o', 'ñ'=>'n', 'ò'=>'o', 'ó'=>'o',
- 'ô'=>'o', 'õ'=>'o', 'ö'=>'oe', 'ø'=>'o', 'ù'=>'u', 'ú'=>'u', 'û'=>'u', 'ü'=>'ue', 'ý'=>'y', 'ý'=>'y',
+ $table = array(
+ 'Š'=>'S', 'š'=>'s', 'Đ'=>'Dj', 'đ'=>'dj', 'Ž'=>'Z', 'ž'=>'z', 'Č'=>'C', 'č'=>'c', 'Ć'=>'C', 'ć'=>'c',
+ 'À'=>'A', 'Á'=>'A', 'Â'=>'A', 'Ã'=>'A', 'Ä'=>'Ae', 'Å'=>'A', 'Æ'=>'A', 'Ç'=>'C', 'È'=>'E', 'É'=>'E',
+ 'Ê'=>'E', 'Ë'=>'E', 'Ì'=>'I', 'Í'=>'I', 'Î'=>'I', 'Ï'=>'I', 'Ñ'=>'N', 'Ò'=>'O', 'Ó'=>'O', 'Ô'=>'O',
+ 'Õ'=>'O', 'Ö'=>'Oe', 'Ø'=>'O', 'Ù'=>'U', 'Ú'=>'U', 'Û'=>'U', 'Ü'=>'Ue', 'Ý'=>'Y', 'Þ'=>'B', 'ß'=>'ss',
+ 'à'=>'a', 'á'=>'a', 'â'=>'a', 'ã'=>'a', 'ä'=>'ae', 'å'=>'a', 'æ'=>'ae', 'ç'=>'c', 'è'=>'e', 'é'=>'e',
+ 'ê'=>'e', 'ë'=>'e', 'ì'=>'i', 'í'=>'i', 'î'=>'i', 'ï'=>'i', 'ð'=>'o', 'ñ'=>'n', 'ò'=>'o', 'ó'=>'o',
+ 'ô'=>'o', 'õ'=>'o', 'ö'=>'oe', 'ø'=>'o', 'ù'=>'u', 'ú'=>'u', 'û'=>'u', 'ü'=>'ue', 'ý'=>'y', 'ý'=>'y',
'þ'=>'b', 'ÿ'=>'y', 'Ŕ'=>'R', 'ŕ'=>'r',
'Ā'=>'A', 'ā'=>'a', 'Ē'=>'E', 'ē'=>'e', 'Ī'=>'I', 'ī'=>'i', 'Ō'=>'O', 'ō'=>'o', 'Ū'=>'U', 'ū'=>'u',
'œ'=>'oe', 'ß'=>'ss', 'ij'=>'ij',
- );
+ 'ą'=>'a','ę'=>'e', 'ė'=>'e', 'į'=>'i','ų'=>'u','ū'=>'u', 'Ą'=>'A','Ę'=>'E', 'Ė'=>'E', 'Į'=>'I','Ų'=>'U','Ū'=>'u'
+ );
- return strtr($source, $table);
+ return strtr($source, $table);

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