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@@ -167,7 +167,6 @@ now deny access to methods defined on the controller, unless this class also has
### Bugfixes
- * 2013-02-18 [eafafb3]( ed screen.css (wrong compilation) (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-02-17 [ede3813]( Secure composer files from web access (fixes #8011) (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-02-17 [e21bd49]( TimeField respects user choice (fixes #8260) (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-02-07 [79eacb2]( Group->canEdit() correct non-admin checks (fixes #8250) (Ingo Schommer)
@@ -178,7 +177,6 @@ now deny access to methods defined on the controller, unless this class also has
* 2013-02-04 [1960df8]( Strict error warnings on DataExtension (Michael Andrewartha)
* 2013-01-31 [1bb1090]( Node updates in IE without non-object error (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-01-30 [c9f728f]( Only check the remember token if a user exists (Simon Welsh)
- * 2013-01-24 [9ac3cde]( typo in templates/ (Nicolaas)
* 2013-01-24 [f574979]( Exception handling and email notification mechanism now correctly considers the stacktrace as provided by the exceptionHandler function, instead of attempting to perform a debug_backtrace further down the reporting chain (which ends up generating an unnecessarily nested stacktrace). Debug was cleaned up so that errorHandler and exceptionHandler both act consistently. As a result, the LogErrorEmailFormatter class could be simplified. (Damian Mooyman)
* 2013-01-23 [45eb0f9]( PHPUnit latest not working with composer installed builds (Hamish Friedlander)
* 2013-01-21 [5d37d55]( Form session message clearing regression (Ingo Schommer)
@@ -190,7 +188,6 @@ now deny access to methods defined on the controller, unless this class also has
* 2013-01-15 [420c639]( Properly show link for showing and hiding class spec in model admin (jean)
* 2013-01-15 [f06ba70]( Undefined `$allowed_actions` overrides parent definitions, stricter handling of $allowed_actions on Extension (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-01-11 [e020c7b]( doSave() and doDelete() should use translated singular name (uniun)
- * 2013-01-11 [212c4f1]( ed UploadField regression from 4da1af9c3 (Ingo Schommer)
* 2013-01-11 [f8758ba]( Fixed margins so that margin is displayed between preview images and their title. (Sam Minnee)
* 2013-01-11 [2fdd9a3]( Allow images attached to UploadFields to be unlinked without File::canEdit() or File::canDelete() permission. (Sam Minnee)
* 2013-01-11 [f4efaee]( Fix DataObject::get_one() when the classname is passed with improper casing. (Sam Minnee)
@@ -200,56 +197,34 @@ now deny access to methods defined on the controller, unless this class also has
* 2013-01-04 [7bb0bbf]( Fixed XSS in admin/security and "My Profile" forms (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-21 [f0f83b2]( Graceful handling of sprintf with too few params in i18n::_t() (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-19 [22efd38]( Calling DataObject::relField() on a object with an empty relation list (Stig Lindqvist)
- * 2012-12-18 [07fb756]( edge case in which uninitialized buttons are being destroyed. (unclecheese)
* 2012-12-18 [6aba24b]( removeRequiredField() should use array_splice() instead of unset() (uniun)
* 2012-12-18 [d5a1c3d]( SS has problems handling + in URLs. Filter them out. (Mateusz Uzdowski)
* 2012-12-14 [55b611d]( Hardcoded project name in include_by_locale() (uniun)
- * 2012-12-14 [f41f307]( ed spacing (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-13 [d42c004]( Fixed pagination functionality on root assets folder (Niklas Forsdahl)
* 2012-12-12 [639cc02]( Fix insert media form inserting images from other UploadFields (fixes #8051) (Loz Calver)
* 2012-12-11 [f431b35]( Confirmed Password Field now copies attributes to child fields. (Justin Martin)
* 2012-12-07 [4f63f91]( Fixed issue with convertServiceProperty (Marcus Nyeholt)
- * 2012-12-06 [9152387]( ed GridField button alignment (regression from a9cbea34) (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-06 [1a4eaaa]( Ensure has length before using string index access. (Simon Elvery)
* 2012-12-05 [205ee42]( Make sure a message is set on ValidationException objects. (Simon Elvery)
- * 2012-12-04 [4c525fe]( ed composer.json dependencies (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-05 [c0751df]( Remove handwritten SQL and use the ORM. (Mateusz Uzdowski)
- * 2012-12-04 [3be9499]( ed HTML syntax in config-form.html (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-12-04 [0be51a9]( Fix ModelAdmin search (fixes #8052) (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-12-04 [f86bd97]( ed DateTest timezone settings (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-12-04 [bf67679]( typo in email docs. (Will Rossiter)
- * 2012-12-04 [4cb81da]( typo with setTemplate() rss docs. (Will Rossiter)
* 2012-12-04 [1a4b245]( Fix rewriteHashlinks in TabSet (Marcus Nyeholt)
* 2012-12-04 [3478813]( Rewrite hashlinks failing on empty a tags (Marcus Nyeholt)
- * 2012-12-04 [449cce9]( ing .htaccess to ignore rewriting PHP files directly (Sean Harvey)
- * 2012-12-04 [d74da7b]( ing .htaccess to ignore rewriting PHP files directly (Sean Harvey)
- * 2012-12-01 [9106e41]( related to ModelAdmin links (Simon Welsh)
* 2012-11-26 [40a1a35]( Namespaces for CmsFormsContext and CmsUiContext are wrong (Kirk Mayo)
* 2012-11-23 [4310718]( Insert Media, inserts all previous media (fixes #7545) (UndefinedOffset)
- * 2012-11-23 [47e14f5]( ed $TRAVIS_BRANCH env var usage in before_script (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-11-23 [aa72425]( ed PHPUnit assertions for incomplete tests in core (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-23 [453d04e]( Reset DataObject caches in SapphireTest->resetDBSchema() (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-23 [a3cd7dd]( Force SapphireTest schema reset for extension changes (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-11-22 [ecd921c]( ed glitches in the sample composer.json shown in the docs (Sam Minnee)
- * 2012-11-21 [6eb597a]( ed travis.yml paths (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-21 [41aec54]( Consistently use FormResponse in CMS JavaScript (fixes #8036) (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-20 [8f89aa9]( only call filemtime if file exists (Sander van Dragt)
- * 2012-11-19 [65fe8e5]( ed line length (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-16 [76c63fe]( Fixed issue with SQLQuery::lastRow crashing on empty set. Added test cases for lastRow and firstRow. (Damian Mooyman)
* 2012-11-15 [c6fcb08]( Video embed from Add Media Feature no longer works (open #8033) (stojg)
* 2012-11-14 [91e48b8]( Provide fallback text for translations. (Simon Elvery)
* 2012-11-12 [2657a27]( Adjust the handler to jQuery UI 1.9 API change. (Mateusz Uzdowski)
* 2012-11-12 [b6017a7]( ArrayList now discards keys of the array passed in and keeps the numerically indexed array sequential. This fixes FirstLast and EvenOdd in templates, and makes ArrayList more consistent, as several methods already discarded the keys. (Andrew O'Neil)
* 2012-11-12 [d58b23d]( AssetAdmin filter array indices (fixes #8014) (Kirk Mayo)
* 2012-11-09 [434759c]( Correct redirection URL on deletion in GridFieldDetailForm (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-11-09 [a2501ad]( ed bootstrap.php path in phpunit.xml.dist (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-11-09 [f0f5dcb]( ed mediaform urls in modeladmin (Tim Klein)
- * 2012-11-08 [f976ed9]( ed composer.json regression from 2.4 merge (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-11-08 [6882635]( Fixing non-object on file upload (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-11-08 [6a69a2f]( Ensure required lang and css are loaded when using SiteTreeURLSegmentField (Simon Elvery)
- * 2012-11-07 [fdcd7a2]( ing performance of DataObject::custom_database_fields() (Sean Harvey)
- * 2012-11-06 [abba77a]( es required for jQuery UI 1.9 (Ingo Schommer)
- * 2012-11-06 [bcee252]( ed sapphiredocs references (Ingo Schommer)
* 2012-02-09 [c048a01]( Avoid infinite redirection when logging out and when showing a custom login page after displaying the draft version of a page. (jean)
* 2011-12-12 [1e1df8c]( Improved detection of empty HTMLText fields. (Sam Minnee)
* 2011-09-30 [f41a7d8]( Fix issue with not being able to log out on Chrome when caching enabled because of Chrome bug (Hamish Friedlander)

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