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BUGFIX Development server list should be retained when user submits i…

…nstaller form and gets redirected back (from r99005)

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1 parent 728a401 commit 39149529c1968ab6618ae4de5fc45efac7b31011 @chillu chillu committed Apr 14, 2010
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6 dev/install/config-form.html
@@ -239,8 +239,10 @@ <h4 class="sectionHeading">Development Servers</h4>
<div class="section">
<label for="devsites">Development servers:</label>
<span class="middleColumn">
- <textarea name="devsites" id="devsites" rows="5" cols="10">localhost
+ <textarea name="devsites" id="devsites" rows="5" cols="10">
+<?php if(@$_POST['devsites']) echo $_POST['devsites'];
+else echo 'localhost
+'; ?></textarea>

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