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BUGFIX Removed references to "php5" and replace with "php" in Makefil…

…e (it's now consistent with 2.4 build branch)

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1 parent 3f2cc79 commit 4354b86001edaa1acfc9bf670ed6597a988b9dea @halkyon halkyon committed Oct 12, 2010
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@@ -5,13 +5,13 @@
# Most users should simply visit the site root in your web browser.
-URL=`php5 ./cli-script.php SapphireInfo/baseurl`
+URL=`php ./cli-script.php SapphireInfo/baseurl`
test: phpunit
- php5 ./cli-script.php dev/build "flush=1&$(QUERYSTRING)"
- php5 ./cli-script.php dev/tests/all "flush=1&$(QUERYSTRING)"
+ php ./cli-script.php dev/build "flush=1&$(QUERYSTRING)"
+ php ./cli-script.php dev/tests/all "flush=1&$(QUERYSTRING)"
functest ../cms/tests/test_windmill url=${URL}dev/tests/startsession browser=firefox

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