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MINOR: updating release notes with documentation describing changes to SS_Report
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+### Removed the need to register SS_Reports
+The SS_Report::register() method is deprecated. You no longer need to explicitly register reports. The CMS now
+automatically picks up and adds all Report classes to the list of reports in ReportAdmin. You can choose to exclude
+certain reports by using the SS_Report::add_excluded_reports() method.
+### Removed the ability use a SQLQuery object in a SS_Report
+You can no longer create reports that using the deprecated DataObject->buildSQL and DataObject->extendedSQL
+methods to build raw SQL queries. Instead please use the DataList::create function to create your query and modify it
+using the filter() function on the DataList object.
### Removed "auto-merging" of member records from `Member->onBeforeWrite()` [member-merging]
Due to security reasons. Please use `DataObject->merge()` explicitly if this is desired behaviour.

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