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MINOR: Disable PhpSyntaxTest until we decide whether to re-write it o…

…r remove it
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1 parent be9286f commit 45c25e93b47bf75824763bacd6ca594c8c5d1e13 @hafriedlander hafriedlander committed
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  1. +5 −0 tests/PhpSyntaxTest.php
5 tests/PhpSyntaxTest.php
@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@
* Test the syntax of the PHP files with various settings
class PhpSyntaxTest extends SapphireTest {
+ public function setUp() {
+ parent::setUp();
+ $this->markTestSkipped('This needs to be written to include only core SS php files, not test or thirdparty files');
+ }
function testShortTagsOffWillWork() {
// Ignore this test completely if running the test suite on windows
// TODO: Make it work on all platforms, by building an alternative to find | grep.

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