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ENHANCEMENT: Add "jpeg" to list of allowed extensions

.jpeg is the correct extension for these files, and they were being filtered out of the list.
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1 parent 31d6070 commit 4fde42f72e4cfbb9df9d3326db8277036a9faaa7 @unclecheese unclecheese committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 forms/HtmlEditorField.php
2 forms/HtmlEditorField.php
@@ -761,7 +761,7 @@ protected function getFiles($parentID = null) {
* @return Array All extensions which can be handled by the different views.
protected function getAllowedExtensions() {
- $exts = array('jpg', 'gif', 'png', 'swf');
+ $exts = array('jpg', 'gif', 'png', 'swf','jpeg');
$this->extend('updateAllowedExtensions', $exts);
return $exts;

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