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Ingo Schommer authored March 21, 2011

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  1. 18  docs/en/misc/
18  docs/en/misc/
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ If you have discovered a bug in SilverStripe, we'd be glad to hear about it -
17 17
 well written bug reports can be half of the solution already!
18 18
 Our bugtracker is located on []( (create a [new ticket](
19 19
-## Submiting Patches, Bugfixes and Enhancements
+## Submiting Bugfixes and Enhancements
21 21
22 22
 We're not perfect, and need your help - for example in the form of patches for our modules and core codebase.
23 23
@@ -43,11 +43,11 @@ changes
43 43
 *  Document your code inline through [PHPDoc]( syntax. See our 
44 44
 [API documentation]( for good examples.
45 45
 * Also check and update documentation on []( Check for any references to functionality deprecated or extended through your patch. Documentation changes should be included in the patch.
-* We will attribute the change to you whereever possible (git does this automatically)
+* We will attribute the change to you whereever possible (git does this automatically for pull requests)
47 47
 * If you get stuck, please post to the [forum]( or for deeper core problems, to the [core mailinglist](!forum/silverstripe-dev)
48 48
49 49
 The core team is responsible for reviewing patches and deciding if they will make it into core.  If
-there are any problems they will assign the ticket back to you, so make sure you have an email address loaded into Trac so that it will notify you! The [Active Patches Report]( will let you see where all the patches are at, and you can review outstanding "pull requests" (for [sapphire]( and [cms](
+there are any problems they will follow up with you, so please ensure they have a way to contact you! 
51 51
52 52
 ### Sending pull requests (for git)
53 53
@@ -62,19 +62,21 @@ Example: [Fork the blog module](
62 62
 Now you have two choices: Smaller fixes (e.g. typos) can be edited directly in the web interface
63 63
 (every file view has an "edit this file" link). More commonly, you will work on a working copy on your own computer. After committing your fix, you can send the module authors a so called ["pull request"](
64 64
 The module authors will get notified automatically, review your patch, and merge it back as appropriate.
66 65
 For new features, we recommend creating a ["feature branch"]( rather than a really big patch.
67 66
+On github, you can review outstanding [sapphire pull requests]( and [cms pull requests](
68 69
 If you want to learn more about git, please have a look at the [free online git book]( and the [git crash course](
69 70
70 71
 ### Submitting patches (for subversion)
71 72
-Other modules will be hosted on [subversion](, in which case you have to
+Some modules will be hosted on [subversion](, in which case you have to
73 74
 package your changes as a "patch" file. Please read the [official Subversion book]( (available free online) for a general introduction to subversion. 
74 75
-To submit a patch, [register]( or [Login]( if you have already registered and attach the patch to the appropriate ticket. 
+Please don't submit patch files for modules on git, as they cause us more work.
+To submit a patch, [register]( or [login]( on, and attach the patch to an appropriate ticket. 
76 79
 Please include in the comment the revision number that the patch is applicable for and a brief outline of what you fixed and how. 
-Only use the provided link to submit patches, as it prefills information about owner and ticket-type:
78 80
79 81
 [Submit a patch (requires account on](
80 82
@@ -92,6 +94,8 @@ Some gotchas when using subversion and the patch format:
92 94
 *  Create patches relative to the working copy (*sapphire/main.php* instead of */Users/myuser/sapphire/main.php*)
93 95
 *  Remember the shortcomingsof *svn diff*: Please document moved files and created/deleted directories separately
94 96
+The "[Patches: Core](" and "[Patches: Modules](" reports will let you see where all the patches are at.
95 99
 ### Commit Messages
96 100
97 101
 We try to maintain a consistent record of descriptive commit messages. As we automatically generate changelogs from them, we need a way to categorize and filter. Please prefix **all** commit messages with one of the following tags: 

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