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Clearer docs on using composer for contributions

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@@ -44,18 +44,20 @@ Composer can create a new site for you, using the installer as a template. To d
composer create-project silverstripe/installer ./my/website/folder
-`./my/website/folder` should be the root directory where your site will live. For example, on OS X, you might use a subdirectory of `~/Sites`.
+`./my/website/folder` should be the root directory where your site will live.
+For example, on OS X, you might use a subdirectory of `~/Sites`.
As long as your web server is up and running, this will get all the code that you need.
Now visit the site in your web browser, and the installation process will be completed.
-#### Selecting a version
By default composer will download the latest stable version. You can also specify
a version to download that version explicitly, i.e. this will download 3.0.3:
composer create-project silverstripe/installer ./my/website/folder 3.0.3
+When `create-project` is used with a release version like above,
+it will try to get the code from archives instead of creating
+git repositories. If you're planning to contribute to SilverStripe,
+see [Using development versions](#using-development-versions).
## Adding modules to your project
@@ -94,14 +96,10 @@ The `composer.lock` file helps with this. It references the specific commits th
So, your deployment process, as it relates to Composer, should be as follows:
* Run `composer update` on your development version before you start whatever testing you have planned. Perform all the necessary testing.
* Check `composer.lock` into your repository.
* Deploy your project code base, using the deployment tool of your choice.
- * Run the following command on your production version.
- composer install
+ * Run `composer install` on your production version.
# Advanced usage
@@ -236,4 +234,4 @@ The `--dev` flag will add a couple modules which are useful for SilverStripe dev
Note that you can also include those into an existing project by running `composer update --dev`.
Please read the ["Contributing Code"](/misc/contributing/code) documentation to find out how to
-create forks and send pull requests.
+create forks and send pull requests.
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