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BUGFIX Force referer via "BackURL" POST data in CMS to work around IE…

… problems with sending the base URL as the referer instead of the actual one (#7002)
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1 parent 1091c7b commit 6c91aa0ec5a215343934c5b059c1e6174aa388e0 @chillu chillu committed
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  1. +5 −0 admin/javascript/LeftAndMain.Content.js
5 admin/javascript/LeftAndMain.Content.js
@@ -142,6 +142,11 @@
var formData = form.serializeArray();
// add button action
formData.push({name: $(button).attr('name'), value:'1'});
+ // Artificial HTTP referer, IE doesn't submit them via ajax.
+ // Also rewrites anchors to their page counterparts, which is important
+ // as automatic browser ajax response redirects seem to discard the hash/fragment.
+ formData.push({name: 'BackURL', value:History.getPageUrl()});
url: form.attr('action'),
data: formData,

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