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+# Contributing
+Any open source product is only as good as the community behind it. You can participate by sharing code, ideas, or simply helping others. No matter what your skill level is, every contribution counts.
+See our [high level overview]( on on how you can help out.
+Or, for more detailed guidance, read one of the following pages:
+ * [Sharing your opinion and raising issues](
+ * [Providing code, whether it's creating a feature or fixing a bug](
+ * [Writing and translating documentation](
+ * [Translating user-interface elements](

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xeraa replied Oct 11, 2012



sminnee replied Oct 11, 2012

Does GitHub treat this file specially?


xeraa replied Oct 11, 2012

It should be displayed when you open a new pull request or issue (if you have them enabled) - see for example

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