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Update admin/code/ModelAdmin.php

Changed "Clear Database before import" - which is incorrect (not the whole database gets wiped, only the data in the model at hand) with the simpler: "replace data".
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1 parent 0c9b216 commit 7523fe4ef7db7b5b7152a3501fed36ddae39da42 @sunnysideup sunnysideup committed Jan 19, 2013
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2 admin/code/ModelAdmin.php
@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ public function ImportForm() {
$fields->push(new LiteralField("SpecFor{$modelName}", $specHTML));
- new CheckboxField('EmptyBeforeImport', _t('ModelAdmin.EMPTYBEFOREIMPORT', 'Clear Database before import'),
+ new CheckboxField('EmptyBeforeImport', _t('ModelAdmin.EMPTYBEFOREIMPORT', 'Replace data'),

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