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@@ -80,32 +80,20 @@ Run the following command to download all core dependencies using [Phing](http:/
This will add `framework`, `cms` and the `simple` theme to your project.
-As a fallback solution, you can simply download all necessary files without any dependency management through Phing.
-This is handy if you have an existing project in version control, and want a one-off snapshot
-of the modules. The only way to update this codebase later is to overwrite the whole folder, with no easy way to track and re-apply any changes made to it since.
- cd my-silverstripe-project/
- tools/new-project -m flat
-<div class="notice" markdown="1">
-The `tools` scripts are just getting you started - to maintain your installation,
-you will need to learn how to add and update modules via the `git` commandline utility.
### Step 4: Committing the modules ###
-Regardless of using Phing or not, some files in your project will be unversioned,
+Some files in your project will be unversioned after running the Phing script
and need to be added to your own repository. The commands depend on your repository type:
# for subversion
cd my-silverstripe-project/
svn add *
- svn commit -m "adding dependencies"
+ svn commit -m "adding configuration files generated by phing"
# for git
cd my-silverstripe-project/
git add *
- git commit -m "adding dependencies"
+ git commit -m "adding configuration files generated by phing"
### Step 5: Switch branches ###

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