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BUGFIX: #7019 Fix SQL error when building database after adding a Mem…

…ber DataExtension in non-dev mode
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1 parent b5d4234 commit 86ef281d8f2929a1d8114b6fc7975d6db56fa724 @ajoneil ajoneil committed
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  1. +4 −0 security/Security.php
4 security/Security.php
@@ -809,6 +809,10 @@ public static function database_is_ready() {
foreach($requiredTables as $table) {
// if any of the tables aren't created in the database
if(!ClassInfo::hasTable($table)) return false;
+ // HACK: DataExtensions aren't applied until a class is instantiated for
+ // the first time, so create an instance here.
+ singleton($table);
// if any of the tables don't have all fields mapped as table columns
$dbFields = DB::fieldList($table);

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