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DOC Gave easier instructions for would-be authors

The use of GitHub for documentation isn't ideal in a world full of wikis,
but we do it because it has other substantial advantages. However, we
shouldn't assume that every would-be author is comfortable using pull requests.

This change presents the edit-on-github interaction as the most straightforward
one, suggesting that advanced users may which to check out locally.
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## Writing Documentation
Documentation for a software project is a continued and collaborative effort,
-we encourage everybody to contribute, from simply fixing spelling mistakes, to writing recipes/howtos,
+we encourage everybody to contribute, from simply fixing spelling mistakes, to writing recipes/howtos,
reviewing existing documentation, and translating the whole thing.
Modifying documentation requires basic [PHPDoc]( and
-[Markdown]([SSMarkdown](ss-markdown) knowledge.
-If you have downloaded SilverStripe or a module, chances
-are that you already have the documentation files - they are kept alongside the source code (in the `docs/` subfolder).
-In general, you have to "[fork](" the [](
-and []( repositories
-and send us "[pull requests](".
-Note: Smaller edits can be performed in the web interface on your fork,
-every page view should have an "edit this file" button.
+[Markdown]([SSMarkdown](ss-markdown) knowledge,
+and a GitHub user account.
+### Editing online
+The easiest way of making a change the the documentation is to find the appropriate .md
+file in the []( repository
+and press the "edit" button. You will need a GitHub account to do this.
+ * After you have made your change, describe it in the "commit summary" and "extended description" fields below, and press "Commit Changes".
+ * After that you will see form to submit a Pull Request. You should just be able to submit the form, and your changes will be sent to the core team for approval.
+**Coming soon:** each documentation page will have an "edit" link, to make it easier for you to find this feature.
+### Editing on your computer
+If you prefer to edit the content on your local machine, you can "[fork]("
+the [](
+and [](
+repositories and send us "[pull requests](". If you have
+downloaded SilverStripe or a module, chances are that you already have these checkouts.
+The documentation is kept alongside the source code in the `docs/` subfolder.
+**Note:** If you submit a new feature or an API change, we strongly recommend that your patch
+includes updates to the necessary documentation. This helps prevent our documentation from
+getting out of date.
### Repositories

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