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@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ unless the `FullTextSearch` feature is enabled. In order to disable this behavio
you have to add the following code to your `_config.php` BEFORE running a `dev/build`:
- DataObject::$create_table_options['MySQLDatabase] = 'ENGINE=MyISAM';
+ DataObject::$create_table_options['MySQLDatabase'] = 'ENGINE=MyISAM';
As with any SilverStripe upgrade, we recommend database backups before calling `dev/build`.
See []( for details on the conversion.
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ itself.
This lack of a configuration-GUI is on purpose, as we'd like to keep developer-level options where they belong (into
code), without cluttering up the interface. See this core forum discussion ["The role of the
-CMS"]( for further reasoning.
+CMS"]( for further reasoning.
In addition to these principle, some settings are
* Author-level configuration like interface language or date/time formats can be performed in the CMS "My Profile" section (`admin/myprofile`).
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ incomplete - please add to it** *Try to keep it in alphabetical order too! :)*
| BlogEntry::allow_wysiwyg_editing(); | | Enable rich text editing for blog posts. |
| ContentNegotiator::set_encoding(string $encoding) | | The encoding charset to use - UTF-8 by default |
| ContentNegotiator::disable() | | Disables the negotiation of content type -usually used to stop it from rewriting the DOCTYPE of the document
+ | DataObject::$create_table_options['MySQLDatabase'] = 'ENGINE=MyISAM';| | Set the default database engine to MyISAM (versions 2.4 and below already default to MyISAM) |
| Debug::send_errors_to(string $email) | | Send live errors on your site to this address (site has to be in 'live' mode using Director::set_environment_type(live) for this to occur |
| Director::set_environment_type(string dev,test,live) | | Sets the environment type (e.g. dev site will show errors, live site hides them and displays a 500 error instead) |
| Director::set_dev_servers(array('localhost', ' | | Set servers that should be run in dev mode (see [debugging](debugging)) |

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