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BUGFIX: Empty error message on renaming a page and confirming url is …

…changed accordingly
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1 parent 7a27832 commit 9a301e3990760ac76473aa71cf3a6247d4e6d9f1 @normann normann committed with chillu Mar 27, 2012
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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ if(typeof(ss) == 'undefined' || typeof(ss.i18n) == 'undefined') {
'UNIQUEFIELD.CANNOTLEAVEEMPTY': 'This field cannot be left empty',
'RESTRICTEDTEXTFIELD.CHARCANTBEUSED': "The character '%s' cannot be used in this field",
'UPDATEURL.CONFIRM': 'Would you like me to change the URL to:\n\n%s/\n\nClick Ok to change the URL, click Cancel to leave it as:\n\n%s',
+ 'UPDATEURL.CONFIRMURLCHANGED':'The URL has been changed to\n"%s"',

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