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Fixes GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor example (was the same as RecordEditor) and fixes related links.
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@@ -133,16 +133,17 @@ The fields displayed in the edit form are from `DataObject::getCMSFields()`
### GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor
Similar to `GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor`, but adds features to work on a record's has-many or
-many-many relationships.
+many-many relationships. As such, it expects the list used with the `GridField` to be a
+`RelationList`. That is, the list returned by a has-many or many-many getter.
The relations can be:
- Searched for existing records and add a relationship
- Detach records from the relationship (rather than removing them from the database)
-- Create new related records and automatically add the relationship.
+- Create new related records and automatically add them to the relationship.
- $gridField = new GridField('pages', 'All pages', SiteTree::get(), GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor::create());
+ $gridField = new GridField('images', 'Linked images', $this->Images(), GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor::create());
The fields displayed in the edit form are from `DataObject::getCMSFields()`
@@ -259,5 +260,5 @@ A GridFieldComponent sets and gets data from the GridState.
## Related
- * [/reference/modeladmin](ModelAdmin: A UI driven by GridField)
- * [/tutorials/5-dataobject-relationship-management](Tutorial 5: Dataobject Relationship Management)
+ * [ModelAdmin: A UI driven by GridField](/reference/modeladmin)
+ * [Tutorial 5: Dataobject Relationship Management](/tutorials/5-dataobject-relationship-management)

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