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wilr committed Jun 6, 2011
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@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ constructor takes the following arguments:
* `$name`: This must be the name of the method on that controller that is called to return the form. The first two
fields allow the form object to be re-created after submission. **It's vital that they are properly set - if you ever
have problems with form action handler not working, check that these values are correct.**
-* `$fields`: A `[api:FieldSet]`s that make up the editable portion of the form.
-* `$actions`: A `[api:FieldSet]`s that make up the control portion of the form - the buttons at the bottom.
+* `$fields`: A `[api:FieldSet]` containing `[api:FormField]` instances make up fields in the form.
+* `$actions`: A `[api:FieldSet]` containing the `[api:FormAction]` objects - the buttons at the bottom.
* `$validator`: An optional `[api:Validator]` for more information.
@@ -211,12 +211,12 @@ basic customisation:
<div id="FirstName" class="field text">
- <label class="left" for="$FormName_FirstName">First name</label>
+ <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_FirstName">First name</label>
<div id="Email" class="field email">
- <label class="left" for="$FormName_Email">Email</label>
+ <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_Email">Email</label>
@@ -273,10 +273,12 @@ Adds a new text field called FavouriteColour next to the Content field in the CM
## Related
-* [form-field-types](/reference/form-field-types)
-* `[api:FormField]` class
-* [multiform module](
+* [Form Field Types](/reference/form-field-types)
+* [MultiForm Module](
## API Documentation
+* `[api:Form]`
+* `[api:FormField]`
+* `[api:FieldSet]`
+* `[api:FormAction]`

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