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BUG Localize DataObject->summaryFields()

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1 parent 77d939f commit ca1d38dffdb7e9657aafaf070c2d8de2c88f8208 @chillu chillu committed
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  1. +4 −0 model/DataObject.php
4 model/DataObject.php
@@ -3156,6 +3156,10 @@ public function summaryFields(){
// Final fail-over, just list ID field
if(!$fields) $fields['ID'] = 'ID';
+ // Localize fields (if possible)
+ $labels = $this->fieldLabels(false);
+ $fields = array_intersect_key($labels, $fields);
return $fields;

1 comment on commit ca1d38d


I have found that this Localization causes problems with using DataObjects in modeladmin (unless this has been fixed in later commits?)

If the summary fields uses an object method as one of the columns on the modeladmin grid field all the fields break see for screenshot.

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