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FIXED: Minor adjustment to order of file fulltext search fields. By m…

…atching the order of these index columns to the same as the fields on the table itself, this will prevent the unnecessary regeneration of fulltext indexes on some database connectors each dev/build, notably MS SQL Server.
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1 parent 2b172aa commit cd7ea01bd1871fa97d0f61d867494ad29baa2304 @tractorcow tractorcow committed Sep 25, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 search/FulltextSearchable.php
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ class FulltextSearchable extends DataExtension {
public static function enable($searchableClasses = array('SiteTree', 'File')) {
$defaultColumns = array(
'SiteTree' => '"Title","MenuTitle","Content","MetaTitle","MetaDescription","MetaKeywords"',
- 'File' => '"Filename","Title","Content"'
+ 'File' => '"Title","Filename","Content"'
if(!is_array($searchableClasses)) $searchableClasses = array($searchableClasses);

2 comments on commit cd7ea01


chillu replied Sep 26, 2012

This broke the build:!/silverstripe/sapphire/jobs/2567669
Fixed with 33f67e1.
I should've run the tests before merging, guess I'm relying too much on Travis already! (it didn't show broken).
But Damian you should also run them before sending pull requests :)


tractorcow replied Sep 26, 2012

Hi Ingo,

Yes, absolutely true, I apologise. I need to properly go through the checklist in future. I'm too used to Travis doing the hard work for me. :)

Thanks for merging this. I'll follow this up with a request that resolves the above issue.

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