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MINOR Upgrade notes on TinyMCE upgrade and how to resolve a common issue

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@@ -203,6 +203,20 @@ Instead, there are now methods you can call which allow you to get and set SQL c
* `innerJoin()` has been renamed to `addInnerJoin()`
* `leftJoin()` has been renamed to `addLeftJoin()`
+### TinyMCE upgraded to 3.5 ###
+TinyMCE has been upgraded to version 3.5.
+This change should be transparent to most people upgrading, but if you're using custom plugins for TinyMCE,
+please ensure they are still working correctly with the new version.
+If you're upgrading from an SS 3.0 beta, TinyMCE HTML source editor and other popups might be blank.
+This is caused by the TinyMCE compressor leaving stale cache files in the system temp folder from an earlier
+To resolve this problem, simply delete the `{hash}.gz` files within your temp location (defined by `sys_get_temp_dir()` in PHP.)
+These cache files will be regenerated next time the CMS is opened.
### InnoDB driver for existing and new tables on MySQL (instead of MyISAM) [innodb]###
SilverStripe has traditionally created all MySQL tables with the MyISAM storage driver,

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