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ENHANCEMENT: updated the reference index on 3.0 …

…- There were lots of broken and missing links
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Jeremy Bridson authored
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@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@
Reference articles complement our auto-generated [API docs]( in providing deeper introduction into a specific API.
-* [Advanced templates](advanced-templates): Advanced SilverStripe template syntax
* [BBCode](bbcode): Extensible shortcode syntax
-* [Built-in page controls](built-in-page-controls): Explains the template syntax and available variables/placeholders
+* [CMS Architecture](cms-architecture): A quick run down to get you started with creating your own data management interface
* [ComplexTableField](complextablefield): Manage records and their relations inside the CMS
* [Database Structure](database-structure): Conventions and best practices for database tables and fields
-* [DataObject](dataobject): Base class for database records
* [DataExtension](dataextension): A "mixin" system allowing to extend core classes
+* [DataObject](dataobject): Base class for database records
* [Director](director): Routes URLs and handles HTTP requests
* [Execution Pipeline](execution-pipeline): Detailed look on the way an HTTP request takes through the system
* [Form Field Types](form-field-types): Highlevel overview of field classes
+* [GridField](grid-field): The GridField is a flexible form field for creating tables of data.
* [Image](image): Represents an image object in templates and PHP code
-* [LeftAndMain](leftandmain): Base class for the CMS interface
+* [Injector](injector): The [api:Injector] class is the central manager of inter-class dependencies in the SilverStripe Framework
* [Member](member): The "user" object forms the base for our security/permission moel
* [ModelAdmin](modeladmin): Manage arbitrary data in a simple CRUD (create/read/update/delete) interface
* [Partial Caching](partial-caching): Cache complex parts of templates for better performance
@@ -29,5 +29,8 @@ Reference articles complement our auto-generated [API docs](http://api.silverstr
* [StaticPublisher](staticpublisher): Export a page tree as static HTML for better performance and portability
* [TableField](tablefield): Add and edit records with inline edits in this form field
* [TableListField](tablelistfield): View and delete records in the CMS
+* [Templates Formal Syntax](templates-formal-syntax): Maximum level of detail of how the template engine works
+* [Templates Upgrading Guide](templates-upgrading-guide): Differences between SilverStripe 2 and SilverStripe 3 template language
+* [Templates](templates): Introduction to SilverStripe templates
* [Typography](typography): CSS file to enable WYSIWYG previews in the CMS
* [urlvariabletools](urlvariabletools): Debug and maintenance switches
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