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MINOR: Fixed changelogs to format in older PHP versions

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1 parent a3e4317 commit ebf3e0c40e22fccd397e77f1839db9b0e7940a11 @sminnee sminnee committed Apr 20, 2012
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@@ -110,6 +110,9 @@ when using deprecated functionality (through the new `Deprecation` class).
* 2012-04-10 [b268070]( removed border and added blue link color to page titles. (Jeremy Bridson)
* 2012-04-10 [e0b4294]( SSF-124 - styled the pages list view. (Jeremy Bridson)
* 2012-04-10 [26cec90]( SSF-124 make GridFieldSortableHeader to show the extra classes for each of the header field. (Normann Lou)
* 2012-04-05 [14c3fd7]( SSF-168 refactoring print button so that it opens print view in a new window. This is useful for debugging and also useful for when someone wants to use the print view not for printing, but for viewing a clean version of a gridfield without the surrounding CMS, using the view for copying and pasting into another app, for example. (Julian Seidenberg)
* 2012-04-05 [7d98734]( SSF-124 customise displayed fields of page list view, add children list view links (Normann Lou)
* 2012-04-05 [f101595]( SSF-124 first version of tree list view added (Normann Lou)
@@ -256,6 +259,9 @@ when using deprecated functionality (through the new `Deprecation` class).
* 2012-04-04 [070c9c2]( Removed used of deprecated Name() method in AssetAdmin (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-04-04 [95cdfd7]( destroy $item in the scope of where $item is defined for GridFieldPrintButton->generatePrintData. (Normann Lou)
* 2012-04-03 [cebe2fc]( removed header from edit profile popup and restyled broken tabs - still needs a proper fix after beta II. (Jeremy Bridson)
* 2012-04-03 [5c3c3cb]( SSF-38 removing the z-index on the TabSet so that the upload button works in the HtmlEditorField insert image lightbox. (Julian Seidenberg)
* 2012-04-02 [a2979f0]( Ensure that origLayoutClasses is always an array when considered empty, as join() will be called later and causes a JS error on an empty string. (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-04-02 [8926741]( When inserting an image in HtmlEditorField, don't append "px" as the width and height attributes only accept a number without a unit (Sean Harvey)
@@ -523,6 +529,9 @@ when using deprecated functionality (through the new `Deprecation` class).
* 2012-03-27 [fec5497]( Removed old array_fill_keys() replacement for PHP 5.1, which is no longer supported. (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-03-27 [0ea9451]( Fixes to method arguments in cms classes for E_STRICT support. (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-03-27 [e097f6e]( Fixes to method arguments in core classes for E_STRICT support. API CHANGE Remove abstract static function and just use static functions in Authenticator (PHP 5.3+ doesn't support abstract static functions) (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-03-27 [a95b11d]( Updated chosen.js from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8 while still maintaining local fixes (Normann Lou)
* 2012-03-27 [8166c26]( Fixed grammar in "Foldername" popup when adding a folder in AssetAdmin. Should be "Folder name". (Sean Harvey)
* 2012-03-26 [41df04f]( Added reset.css include to Page.php in order to fix inclusion order in new default theme (Ingo Schommer)

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